Starting something new can feel intimidating and overwhelming at times.  Where do you even begin?

The best way to start is the Premium Starter Kit with the Desert Mist Diffuser. (I am also SUPER obsessed with the Rainstone and Aria diffuser kits.)

Here's the scoop on the Premium Starter Kit...

- You get 12 essential oils
*Frankincense - incredible for your skin & immune system, eases occasional tension, promotes feelings of calm & balance

*Thieves Vitality - your immune booster in a bottle, the healthy-keeper, cleans the air, and is the all-around greatest

*Raven - here's your respiratory support, smells and feels amaaaazing in a chest & throat rub and makes me want to breathe deep

*Valor - promotes feelings of confidence and bravery, knocks out those anxious, overwhelming feelings

*Citrus Fresh - neutralizes bad odors, makes a yummy linen spray, and is great on skin

*Lemon Vitality - my fave water enhancer, energizer, de-gooper, cleanser

*Panaway - muscle soother, much needed comfort for your busy body

*Peppermint Vitality - keeps your head & your tummy happy, promotes proper nasal & respiratory function

*Lavender - the Swiss Army Knife of oils, this sweetie can do it all, seasonal support, relaxation, sleep, skin

*Digize Vitality - all you need for your healthy digestive system

*Stress Away - the name says it all, apply liberally

*Peace & Calming - diffuse at night for deep sleep, apply on overexcited kiddos, calm nervous pets

- Your choice of diffuser
*Desert Mist, Dewdrop, Rainstone, Or Aria

- Loads of samples and literature

- A serious discount

This box of awesomeness is by FAR the best value and includes the best oils that you will literally use every single day, as well as samples of other goodies. It's the only kit that includes all 12 oils (you will use them all - trust me) and a diffuser that is valued at over $400, and you get it all (plus extra goodies) for $165! Purchasing this kit will also get you access to a wholesale membership (meaning a 24% discount!) with no monthly requirements or minimums! No strings attached. Like, at all. We literally use these oils for EVERYTHING imaginable. To me, it's worth its weight in gold. Grab your starter kit HERE